Dr. George Thomas Kuzhippallil


  • Name: Dr.George Thomas Kuzhippallil
  • Date of Birth: 18th February 1971
  • Primary School: St. Thomas L.P. School Thankmamany
  • Upper Primary School: Govt. U.P. School Thankamany, Kamakshy
  • High School: St. Thomas High School  Thankamany.
  • Minor Seminary: St. Joseph Minor Seminary,Kothamangalam.
  • Major Seminary (Philosophy and Theology): St. Thomas App. Seminary Vadavathoor, Kottayam.
  • Priestly Ordination: 28th December 1996.

Academic Excellence

  • Bachelors in Philosophy from PaurastyaVidyapitham, Kottayam, Kerala

  • Bachelors in Theology from PaurastyaVidyapitham, Kottayam, Kerala
  • Masters of Theology at Jnanadeepa Vidyapith Pune, India
  • Doctorate in Systematic Theology from Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck.


  • Guest Lecturer of Ecclesiology in Paurastyavidyapitham, Kottayam in Kerala from 2010-2014.

  • Guest Lecturer of Indian Ecclesial Realities in Pauratyavidyapitham Kottayam, Kerala from 2015 onwards.
  • Guest Lecturer of Ecclesiology in Benedictine Theological Institute at Kappad, Kanjirappally, Kerala
  • Guest Lecturer of Liturgy and Oriental Studies in Denaha Institute of Theology.
  • Guest Lecturer of Ecclesiology in Mar Sleeva Institute of Theology and Oriental Sciences.

Papers Presented

“Indian Concept of Renunciation in the Light of Girardian Thinking"in the parallel Sessions in International COV&R Conference at Hythrop College, University London in 2009.

Languages Known

(Fluent) in Malayalam, English, German

 (Known) Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Latin, Sanskrit

Books Written

  •   The Body of Christ and the Body of India: A Dramatic Re-Reading of the Concept of the Body of Christ in Indian Ecclesial Context (English)

Countries Visited

Austria, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal,Kroatia, Slovakia,Boznia, Herzgovina, Palastine, Israel, UAE.

States Visited in India

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AndraPredesh, Maharashtra, Madya Predesh, Utterpredesh, Utterghand, Jarghand, Bihar, Bengal, Goa, Delhi, Himachal Predsh, Punjab, Hariyana.
(All Districts in Kerala too).

National and International Conventions and Conferences attended

  •         National Youth Convention in New Delhi
  •         National Youth Convention in Calcutta
  •         National Training Programme for youth Directors in Bangalore
  •         European Jesus Youth Convention in Wales in UK
  •         International COV&R Conference in Hythrop College, University London 

Pastoral Activities


  • Asst. Parish Priest inVijnanaMatha Church Thodupuzha East.
  • Asst. Parish Priest in St. Martin Church in Aldrans , Innsbruck, in Austria. 
  • Vicar in Charge in St. Leopold Church Jenbach, and  St.  Nicholas Church Wiesing, Austria. 
  • Asst. Parish Priest in  St. Peter Canisius Church, Innsbruck in Austria
  • Vicar in Charge in St. John the Baptist Church, Fiss in Innsbruck in Austria
  • Vicar, St. Jude Church Kanakakunnu,in  Idukki Diocese, Kerala, India.
  • Vicar-in- Charge of St. Jude Church Kuthirakallu in Idukki Diocese, Kerala, India.
  • Vicar (Pfarrprovisor) in the Pastoral Unit (Seelsorgeraum) ofWeer-Kolsas-Weerberg and residing at Mitterberg 116, Weerberg, in Innsbruck in  Austria.


  • Rector, Nirmala Boarding School Muvattupuzha, Kerala, India.

  •  Executive Director, Highlands Tea Factory, Calvarymount, Kerala, India.


  • Diocesan Director of Yuvadeepthi-K.C.Y.M, in the Diocese of Kothamangalam, Kerala, India.

  • Diocesan Director of  K.C.B.CMadyavirudhasamithy (Temporance Movement)in the Diocese of Kothamangalam, Kerala, India.

  • Diocesan Director of DalithCatholic Mahajena Sabha, in the Diocese of Kothamangalam, Kerala, India.

  • Diocesan Director of  Jail Ministryin the Diocese of Kothamangalam, Kerala, India.

  • Regional Director of K.C.B.C Madyavirudhasamithy (Temporance Movement), Kerala India

Administrative Activities

Diocesan Finance officer of the Diocese of Idukki, Kerala, India from 2013 to 2018.

Charitable Activities

  • Member of Jesus Fraternity, and Jail Ministry

  • Regular Visits of Cancer patients in Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala

  • Visited all the Sub Jails of Kerala and consoled the inmates during Seminary Formation.

  • Regular Monthly Visits in Muvatupuzha Sub Jail

  • Coordinated the building of 75 Houses for the homeless people in the diocese of Idukki with the help of LIGHT IN LIFE ORGANIZATION; SWITZERLAND.

Spiritual Direction and Retreats Conducted

  •     Sp. Director and Confessor of Carmelite Novitiate House, Idukki

  •     Sp.Director and Confessor of the Study House of the Sacred Heart Congregation, Idukki

  •     Sp.Director and Confessor of LAR Congregation Idukki.

  •     Sp.Director of Maranatha Prayer group in Innsbruck

  •     Sp.Director of St.Gallen Prayer Group in Switzerland.

  •     Preached Retreats in the Parish in Appenzell in Switzerland.

  •     Preached Youth Retreat in StiftStams in Innsbruck in 2007

  •     Youth Retreats Conducted in Diocesan level and parish level in the Diocese of Kothamangalam.

  •     Guided Retreat in St. Joseph Minor Seminary Kothamangalam.

  •     Guided Monthly Recollection for the Priests of the Diocese of Kanjirappally.

  •     Preached Retreats in Different parishes in the diocese of Kothamangalam and Idukki.

Member of Different Bodies and Councils

  •     Regional Director of Kerala Catholic Bishop´s Conference Temperance Movement

  •     Member of Kerala Catholic Youth Movement Directors Council

  •     Member of Kerala Catholic Bishop´s Conference Temperance Movement State Council.

  •     Member of MadyavirudhaJanakeeyamunnany Kerala State Council

  •     Member of Dalit Catholic Mahajana Sabha Kerala State Council

  •     Member of Pastoral Council of the Diocese of Kothamangalam

  •     Member of the Administrative Council of the Diocese of Idukki

  •     Member of the Finance Council of the Diocese of Idukki

  •     Member of Presbyteral Council, Pastoral Council, Construction Committee of the Diocese of Idukki.

  •     Member of the Education Board, Liturgical Committee, Catechetical Committee of the Diocese of Idukki.

Events Conducted and Coordinated

  •     Diocesan Youth Convention EXODUS in 1998 at Muvattupuzha, Kerala.

  •     Diocesan youth Convention ECCLESIA in 2000 at Murickassery, Idukki, Kerala.

  •     Kerala Catholic youth Movement State Rally NAVODHANAYATHRA at Thodupuzha, Kerala.

  •     Long Foot March Against Alcoholism (MadyavirudhaPadayathra- 600 km )

  •     Kerala State wide Prayer Rally Against Alcoholism (PrarthanaPariharaYathra)

  •     48 Hours Fasting Strike against  Alcoholism at Kattappana, Idukki, Kerala.

  •     Youth Retreat at Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, India.

  •     Youth Retreat in StiftStams in Innsbruck in 2007.

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