Dramatic Theology

Dramatic theology is a new development in Christian theological thinking which provides multifaceted and dynamic interpretations of Christian theological truths on the background of thepresent contexts of Religion-Violence-Communication and World Order. This new way of theologizing was initiated by a Jesuit Professor of dogmatic theology, thelate Dr.RaymundSchwager SJ, and a group of theologians in Innsbruck, in Austria. With the help of the concept of drama by Hans Urs von Balthasar and the mimetic theory of French-American thinker, Rene Girard, dramatic theology gives a comprehensive vision of human existence, human cultures, social institutions and the uniqueness of Christian revelation. In this new way of theologizing we deal not only with a particular branch of theology but also with almost all themes in theology. We try to understand the salvific revelation as a dramatic process of inter-actions in which God deals as author and human beings act as free agents or actors. Dramatic theology also understands the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in the drama of salvation, which consists of five Acts.

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Dr. George Thomas Kuzhippallil

Dr. George Thomas Kuzhippallil is a Catholic Priest from the diocese of Idukki, in Kerala in India. He was born on 18th February 1971 at Thankamany and became a priest on 28th December 1996. He is a known Theolgian in Dramatic Theology. He is working as a parish Priest in the Diocese of Innsbruck in Austria now. He has written few books and articles.

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The books which I have written are in Malayalam and in English. Here you can just view small discription about my books. The detailed content of my books can be seen in other pages.


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